I’ve really been trippin off of some original samples to west coast G Funk songs lately, maybe cuz I just watched Friday?  Regardless, some really expertly chosen shit.  I’m pretty sure Simon showed me at least one of these, thanks dude.

David McCallum – The Edge

(The Next Episode)


Joe Cocker – Woman to Woman

(California Love)


The Isley Brothers – Footsteps in the Dark

(It Was A Good Day)


Michael McDonald – I Keep Forgettin’


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Welcome to the first installment of Argentina Thursdays!! For the next several Thursdays I will be showcasing tracks I did while in Buenos Aires, Argentina during a study abroad in 2009-2010. Many of the tracks are collaborative efforts with local artists and the period was a truly enjoyable time of personal growth and cultural exchange.

I am proud to present the first track of Argentina Thursdays, Pista 21

Como un tizón encendido

ardiendo dentro mi sangre

tu sombra viene conmigo

y no la puedo arrancar.

As if it were a charred coal

burning inside of my blood

your shadow comes with me

and I cannot get it out

Pista 21 is named for the file of the song in my itunes I used to sample. The real name of the original track is “Zamba de un Amor en Vuelo,” or “Song of a Love in Flight,” a folk tune written…

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Away with the Fairies

These are all an escape for the harsh, brutal and slap-in-the-face reality that is my VCE exams.

Which are in 34 days

THIRTY FOUR DAYS. That is just over a month. Four and a bit weeks until the end of it all.  The end of my school life. My innocence (?). My Childhood.  My life as I know it.

So you know, no big. I mean it’s not like I am on the verge on a mental breakdown or anything. That’s what the voices told me anyways.

What better way to make the bad feelings go away than submerging myself  into a world where I can hop into a Tardis and go and solve murder cases whilst defeating pure-blood extremists. All with incredibly attractive British Men.

No joke. This is what I talk about with my friends. We contemplate the reality of these situations. Why the other morning, I had this exact conversation with my…

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